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Simplex Announces Supporting Polygon $MATIC in its Payment Gateway


Simplex is the latest blockchain service provider that starts supporting Polygon. The payment gateway will support MATIC cryptocurrency. The announcement means that Simplex users can now buy MATIC with fiat currencies.

It means a strategic step for Polygon that can help it attract more non-crypto users and help them enter the crypto world easier. Simplex provides fiat-to-crypto payments and expands its portfolio to support one of the most popular cryptocurrencies nowadays.

MATIC Becomes Accessible for More Users

Buying cryptocurrencies with fiat money is one of the strategic features in the crypto world. It helps more mainstream users come to the innovative financial world by exchanging their traditional assets with cryptocurrencies. They can easily enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrencies when able to buy them with fiat.

Simplex is one of the most famous service providers in this area. It facilitates fiat-to-crypto payments with support for most of the significant cryptocurrencies. Now the payment provider has decided to add MATIC to its support list that means a lot for Polygon and its ecosystem.

Supporting MATIC on Simplex means more non-crypto users can buy this cryptocurrency with their credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, SEPA, or SWIFT transfers via Simplex’s partner venues. Simplex supports BTC and ETHand adding MATIC next to these major cryptocurrencies shows the big potential of this coin.

Buying MATIC is like of entrance to the Polygon ecosystem. Users who buy MATIC can do a lot with this crypto in the ecosystem that is becoming one of the DeFi big names with services like Sushiswap. According to the announcement:

“Moreover, people will have the chance to explore the ever-growing Polygon ecosystem that comprises DeFi blue-chips such as Sushiswap, Aave, Curve, and Balancer and 300+ NFT and gaming projects. Using Polygon’s high-speed, low-gas infrastructure, people can check out multiple Dapps by spending near-zero gas costs.”

Founded in 2014, Simplex provides the fiat/crypto infrastructure for many blockchain projects. It’s considered as one of the market leaders in fiat-to-crypto payment and has launched the first riskless global fiat onramp using a credit and debit card. Adding MATIC to Simplex’s services can become a strategic step for Polygon that can now attract many more newcomers who want to experience better blockchain networks.

Polygon provides easy Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. It has been successful in attracting many projects that need faster transactions as well lower gas fees. Now, the Polygon users can be happy about more users coming to the ecosystem to trade or even launch bigger blockchain projects.

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