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waves coin newsHere you can find the latest news about Waves, the project created in 2016 by Alexander Ivanov, which allows its users to issue and modify their digital assets easily and securely, also has a platform to market them.

Another feature of Waves is its blockchain-based voting system, don’t miss the latest updates related to this project.

The Waves platform develops a new form of blockchain-based voting system, which they call “liquid democracy.”

In this section we bring you a selection with the most relevant news of this pioneering project in this field, waves could be used in electoral systems in countries that are committed to this technology.


DeFi Protocol Neutrino Integrates Band Protocol’s Oracles to Provide Reliable Price Data for Waves...

Neutrino Protocol, a DeFi application built on Waves technology, has chosen Band Protocol’s decentralized oracle to provide secure and reliable price data for Waves...

Waves Exchange to Release major Update Dubbed The Big Split in Q1 of 2020

Waves.Exchange, simply Waves Exchange, in Medium post published on December 30,  describing its road map for year 2020, said that it will release major...

World Series Crypto Trading Contest to be Held on Waves DEX

ZUG, Switzerland – May 23, 2019 – Waves, a leading blockchain company and Web 3.0 pioneer, became the general sponsor of the World Series...

Waves launches Waves Incubator to support dApps developers

Waves Labs is launching Waves Incubator, a strategic long-term initiative designed to support the development of Waves-based solutions. The Incubator will take the Waves...
Waves opens the dialogue with Malta to enter into the 'Blockchain Island'

Waves opens the dialogue with Malta to enter into the ‘Blockchain Island’

Malta continues to make great strides in adopting cryptocurrency and creating an environment that supports blockchain technology. In its most recent development, it has...
Waves launch his smart contracts

Waves launches its Smart Contracts for testing

As reported in its official blog, Waves launched on April 28 their Smart Contracts, which can be tested on TestNet since May 4, 2018. Smart...

What is Petro?

Bitcoin was launched in the wake of an economic crisis, ostensibly as an alternative to the centralized economy we all know. Over the years...
Tokenising himself

Boris Akimov is the first entrepreneur tokenising himself on the Waves Platform

Boris Akimov, a farmer and the founder of organic food startup LavkaLavka supported by its own blockchain token, will use the Waves Platform to...
waves tokenomy

Waves to push into billion-dollar Southeast Asian token markets

Waves collaborates with Indonesian initiative Tokenomy to push into major new global opportunities. The partnership with the project, which has just completed the final...
Simdaq Waves

Waves Lab participant Simdaq raises $5 million

The first major Waves ICO of the year has ended, reaching its hard cap in just 28 hours thanks to a partnership with the...

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