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Binance’s Trust Wallet and Celer Network Partner to Improve dApp Usability


Following a successful launch on the Binance Launchpad a few weeks back, the Celer Network has entered into a strategic partnership with Binance’s cryptocurrency wallet Trust Wallet with the aim of improving the user experiences of Trust users when interacting with decentralized applications (dApps).

Trust Wallet announced this partnership on Tuesday, April 9th through a press release. As a layer two scaling solutions, Celer Network will enable dApp users to send Ether [ETH] and any other ERC-20 tokens over its Sidechain from the Trust Wallet with zero latency.

Trust Wallet’s CEO Viktor Radchenko expressed his enthusiasm in being part of such as project. He said:

“We are excited to work with Celer’s talented team to bring layer-2 scaling solutions to all of Trust Wallet users, which will enable simple, secure, fast and verifiable transactions with user-friendly interfaces.”

He further expounded on the partnership saying that:

“We are integrating Celer Network’s solution to Trust Wallet to help unlock the larger potential of blockchain technology for real-world use cases from financial solutions to gaming apps with its matched level of experiences on centralized applications.”

Binance trust wallet and celer
Source: trustwallet.com

The partnership is planned to roll out in phases starting with payments and support for simple interactive applications. This should then advance as the partnership enables more features to support more advanced dApps including “interactive gaming, pay-per-use services, micro insurance, non-custodial financial assets exchanges, and decentralized derivative exchanges.”

As announced, the features will be accessible to the public as soon as the third quarter of 2019, which is the time that Celer is aiming to launch its product.

“Our users will benefit from Celer Network’s early demonstration, tentatively scheduled to launch during Q3 of 2019.”

Mo Dong, Celer CEO is just as pumped to be collaborating with Trust Wallet to demonstrate the power of his platform. He said that:

“We are honored to have a valuable partner that is supported by millions of users in the market and focuses on its community needs; the Trust Wallet team shares our vision aimed at the greater cause and hopes for the industry […] We are excited to work with them to carry out the benefits of blockchain technology’s massive potential with great user experiences.”

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