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Binance Accidentally Airdrops BitTorrent Tokens (BTT) In a Fetch.ai Testing Error


Binance cryptocurrency exchange, which recently conducted a successful ICO for the BitTorrent token (BTT) on its Launchpad platform has mistakenly airdropped those BTT tokens to users who had earlier taken part in the BTT ICO.

In what the Binance CEO Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao has termed as an inadvertent mistake by one tester during a Fetch.ai testing session, CZ has assured the public that the issue will be corrected (technically meaning that the individual balances will be reversed).


In a tweet written on Tuesday, February 19th, he said that

“While doing testing for Fetch.ai, one tester inadvertently clicked an airdrop button for BTT, giving some BTT Launchpad buyers extra BTT tokens. We are resolving the issue now. No other people are affected.”

Fetch.ai Token (FET) sale is an upcoming ICO on the Binance Launchpad platform following the BitTorrent sale that concluded a few weeks ago. The FET crowdsale is scheduled to happen on February 25th, starting 2:00 PM GMT. More than 1.1 billion tokens will be offered to investors including airdrops.

Binance is working on perfecting the launch process to avoid any glitches similar to those witnessed during the BitTorrent Token sale that saw some investors qualified to purchase coins were unable to access the platform. These investors were, however, allowed to purchase the coins at a later time and others were just airdropped the tokens.

Also, CZ stated at the time that the crowdsale could have lasted a few minutes as opposed to the 18 minutes it took. It is expected that maybe the tester was working on the Fetch.ai processes while simultaneously making active comparisons with the BTT token sale and made the mistake to send tokens to buyers from the previous sale.

On Twitter CZ claimed that the error had only affected a few accounts but insisted that those accounts’ balances are secure, i.e., funds are SAFU.

The BTT token has been listed on the Binance exchange and is available to trade. Recently, Binance paired it with several stablecoins including PAX and USDC. The token has gained massive value over its launch price in the short period that it has been trading.

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