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ATLANT raises 1,5 Million dollars at the end of its pre-sale


The ATLANT  people announced the successful completion of their ICO presale, raising $ 1,5 Million in just a few days, exceeding their revenue targets.

ATLANT will now focus on its launch ICO, which will be on September 7, 2017.

The main features of the ATLANT platform provide revolutionary capabilities in terms of security, efficiency and profitability in the global real estate market. ATLANT plans to launch its platform in March 2018.

“The revenues we anticipate from our ICO will help us build our complete solution quickly, creating a global community that will benefit from the tokenization of the world’s largest asset class,” said Julian Svirsky, CEO of ATLANT.

ATLANT’s blockchain platform provides a secure and tamper-proof system that allows users to exchange parcels of property without cost and traditionally prohibitive inefficiencies. Its peer-to-peer (P2P) transaction features will allow users to bypass the middlemen in rental offers, which will improve ease of use and security for both guests and hosts, enhancing the user experience, Reducing costs and accelerating adoption.

The ATLANT platform will also allow the financial subdivision of individual real estate parcels through tokenization, and ATLANT will subsequently include them in the exchanges through the PTO (Property Token Offering), starting with the decentralized ADEX exchange, based on Ethereum’s intelligent contracts .


The ATLANT platform will facilitate the transfer of ownership, alleviate fiscal inefficiencies, simplify cross-border transactions and eliminate the considerable overburden in certain jurisdictions due to unnecessary bureaucracy and intermediaries.

Blockchain technology demonstrates through applications like the one that brings us ATLANT its enormous potential to transform the everyday world of today.

For a technical and market overview, please see the current version of ATLANT’s complete whitepaper.

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