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Arcona: an Augmented Reality ecosystem with real business possibilities


Among the proposals that have been launching their ICOs to cryptomarket, those of augmented reality draw great attention for having taken from blockchain a technology that supports them and shows the world as a really viable alternative from the commercial point of view, beyond what regarding entertainment aspects. In this opportunity we will talk about Arcona, and his world of augmented reality.

The Arcona system proposes the union of the real and virtual worlds in a layer of augmented reality. Real coordinates takes and offers them to an integral interactive experience.

The proposal to be a possessor of a plot of land on the Arcona platform opens up very interesting and economically viable possibilities. Having land allows its owners to earn real money, taking advantage of the benefits of the system. You can rent, sell or buy properties to create events, create spaces for advertising, etc.

The Arcona ecosystem seeks to make the daily interactive experience of users with enhanced, virtual and mixed reality multimedia content in real world places as productive as possible. Mobility is also thought of in this ecosystem; Changing the environment of real space around you on the fly with a smartphone, tablet or HoloLens is part of everyday experience. From the moment a piece of land is acquired or rented, the real possibility of doing business begins.

From a piece of land in Arcona, business can take place indistinctly from where the owner is. Everything will be controlled remotely. Arcona tokens holders will bid virtual lots and receive rental payments if their lot is used by other AR programs on the platform. It is a door to infinite possibilities.

The Arcona platform does not remain closed in on itself, in fact it was thought to incorporate projects and applications of AR in all possible business areas. This opens up business possibilities in areas such as advertising, media, real estate, tourism, games, education, art, sports, etc. There are no limits. Arcona offers an opportunity to developers of AR projects and applications connecting users and developers in a P2P database, with the transparency and security features that blockchain gives.

All transactions carried out on the Arcona platform will be reliable, transparent and mobile. Smart contracts will guarantee the protection of copyright to each content creator, and to each programmer, guaranteeing automatic payment for the use of their intellectual property without the need for intermediaries. In addition everything related to the ownership of land lots, rental conditions, as well as software will also be registered in the blockchain and managed by intelligent contracts. These contracts will protect both content rights and digital owners.

What makes the digital land layer – Digital Land – that the user buys in Arcona as an unusual commodity is not the land itself that is purchased, but the income that can be obtained by developing infrastructure and activating the entrepreneurial potential of it . Naturally, the more development there is in that batch of land, the greater its value will be in negotiating it.

The Arcona Tokens are the native currency of the ecosystem, and are based on the ERC-20 standard. They are used to buy all the digital goods and services in the ecosystem. Arcona has already successfully passed the private pre-sale and public pre-sale stages of its tokens, and its public ICO will take place from April 15 to May 15, 2018. The Arcona token will cost 0.0025 ETH and the minimum contribution for ICO is 0.025 ETH. The Arcona tokens will go into circulation in the system during the second quarter of 2018.

To know more details about this ecosystem, we recommend checking their White paper, and follow them at their Telegram channel.

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