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Arbitao: intuitive negotiation for cryptocurrency trading


Market rates fluctuate constantly and differ in exchanges, leading to several profitable opportunities that are worth taking advantage of. However, this requires total dedication to the monitoring of signals and movements of prices in real time, comparing the exchanges among themselves to make decisions to buy or sell. The adoption of some software or platform that facilitates this arises as an idea of ​​a suitable solution. And those solutions are certainly emerging; Arbitao, based in London, aims to help operators achieve this possibility through its intuitive trading  platform.

With a focus on less experienced traders, Arbitao helps operators avoid depending on the price fluctuation of cryptocurrencies by providing tools to successfully perform the least risky and easiest to use arbitrage transactions.

It is important to note that arbitration negotiation occurs when users take advantage of price differences between exchanges with respect to a specific cryptocurrency.

Arbitao is fully functional since the end of 2017, counting since then with many active users on its intuitive trading platform based on blockchain, of course. Arbitao has developed its own technology, ATAO, with which it manages to facilitate the arbitrage of cryptocurrency prices for its users. While most ICOs offer only product projects, Arbitao already brings its ICO with its fully operational platform and offering results, demonstrating that its native token is backed by a solid product, which is an excellent guarantee of safety and viability for the investors.

As we have already indicated, the arbitration technology used by Arbitao is completely developed by them. Call ATAO, uses the data provided by multiple exchanges in real time in order to establish profitable exchanges for the members of the platform, assuring them viable operations. Arbitao’s technology works with four different negotiation groups to carry out cryptocurrency arbitrage operations, which allows investments from $ 100.

Arbitao offers three platforms for its users:

  • The TAOx trading platform, where Bitcoin can be exchanged for the native Arbitao ATAO token.
  • ATAOwallet, where the ATAO tokens can be safely stored.
  • The arbitration platform ARBITAO.

Speaking in terms of profitability, Arbitao can generate between 0.5 and 0.75 percent of profitability in its operations per day, which means for example that an investment of $ 100 can become $ 220 in just 240 days. Taking in mind the market volatility, it is a safe way to invest and also taking advantage of the price arbitration mechanism effectively.

Arbitao plans to offer a fully decentralized arbitration platform to its users, ensuring that they can configure their own ATAO wallet with API credentials to access the accounts in the exchange of partners and thus give them the full freedom to operate with their favorite exchanges arbitrating from the platform.

To learn more about this platform, we recommend you contact Arbitao directly at your email [email protected]  and follow them at their Telegram channel.

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