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American Global Tech Giant, IBM Signs an Agreement with Lenovo Data Center Group


On the 25th of April 2019, IBM, one of the leading global developers of blockchain patents released an announcement publicizing its agreement with Lenovo Data Center. The partnership aims to increase customer service with cognitive and blockchain solutions. The agreement is designed to answer and obtain solutions to questions about service issues.

According to the press release,

‘’IBM’s Cognitive and Blockchain capabilities will support Lenovo’s ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile platforms…When a customer connects with an agent for Lenovo’s server, storage, or networking services, IBM’s Virtual Assistant for Technical Support uses its natural language capabilities and contextual recognition to personalize the conversation.’’

The Vice President and General Manager of Lenovo Data Centre Group, Laura Laltrello expressed positive insight towards the merger in a statement, saying;

“The enterprise today is equipped with a host of new technology solutions built to offer customers unprecedented support and deliver a world-class customer experience. We are looking forward to working with IBM to take the next step with our customers to deliver a personalized and seamless experience that ensures we continue to deliver industry leading customer satisfaction in data centre support.”

What’s in for Lenovo?

IBM and Lenovo started their partnership way back in 2015 and therefore this agreement only continues to strengthen their relationships. With the new agreement;

  • Lenovo will use IBM’s blockchain monitor to supply chains of both software and hardware used in its data centres.
  • IBM will provide Lenovo with a Client Insight portal for trend analysis and data analytics.
  • Lenovo’s over 19,000 field agents will get access to augmented reality tools to enable them work in real time with customers and IBM professionals to find solutions to machines requiring repair.
  • And as mentioned earlier, IBM’s Virtual Assistant for Technical Support will support Lenovo call centre agents.

About International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

IBM is a New York based American multinational Information Technology Company with operations in more than 170 countries across the globe. The blockchain tech company not only produces and sells computer hardware and software, but also provides hosting and consulting services. The platform is also a major research organisation.