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AMCHART: Tokenized universal health registration system


The health services area is not exempt from being a good target for blockchain tokenized developments. This time we will talk about AMCHART and its blockchain based system with universal application.

AMCHART is a universal electronic health record (EHR) that uses blockchain technology to eliminate current problems with registration systems, improving portability and migration of information, as well as transparency and accessibility. Its main objectives are that patients have full control over their health records and that providers have a greater confidence that the blockchain technology can provide to finally make the system complete.

How AMCHART works

AMCHART is an EHR directed by the patient in a public/private hybrid blockchain with artificial intelligence for analysis and with an incentive model to obtain better results. The incentive model is based on the maintenance of health records, participation in the wellness program, the health of the population and the exchange of data with certified partners for the analysis and proactive management of medical care.

The consensus security is based on the Intel SGX chips and by executing the consensus directly on the hardware not only provides additional security, but also accelerates the transaction times and stabilizes the ability to decentralize the medical record in an appropriate manner. AMCHART will use smart contracts based on Ethereum and a Hyperledger to create a secure path to access patient data, both for patients and providers.

AMCHART is being built, testing and launching the industry in three phases, the first of which is already underway:


This will be the initial MVP (minimum viable product) with the security structures enabled. Both providers and patients can access and patients can create medical records, create authorized access and build on medical records. This will occur in the middle or end of January 2018. They will also begin the development process of their mobile application and devices for real-time monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, O2 saturation, weight, blood sugar and Heart health during this time to start wellness programs.


It includes a greater collection of data, as well as the additional stratification of machine learning / AI along with diagnostic and history sets (family, social, medical), to proactively manage health-related problems. Their objective is to take advantage of existing technologies to promote the welfare and health management of the population, even before the symptoms appear.


Complete activation of the wellness programs with the use of the application, as well as the supervision and real-time access of the data through the EHR. All the artificial intelligence capabilities of the platform will be activated to help all organizations answer the questions they wish to address about the medical care cycle (disease processes, use of medicines, wellness management, proactive diagnosis, etc.)  In addition, they will begin the integration of the billing components and the payment processing of the payers to the suppliers through blockchain intermediaries.

AMCHART has been meticulously planned also for every penny of each inverted token. It should be noted that no founder of AMCHART will receive tokens during the sale of the token. There will be two sales periods, one of which will be a pre-sale period for accredited investors to buy tokens, and a general public token sale to be made in March 2018.

amchart presale


The driving force behind AMCHART is AMSYS, which incorporates 15 years of corporate experience based on the shared principles of integrity, honor, mutual benefit and decision-making with an eye to the future. With two offices in the USA Including its global headquarters in Houston, Texas, AMSYS is an international group that invested in six core verticals backed by an experienced team with decades of respective experience in each field: Blockchain, Energy, Real Estate, Technology, Healthcare, and Capital.

The presence of AMSYS in the medical industry already has a precedent with TransWise, a company founded to provide doctors, clinics and hospitals with affordable solutions to lower healthcare costs and improve efficiency. This commitment to revolutionize global medical care continues with the presentation of AMCHART.

The AMC (AMCHART TOKEN) will be priced at 1 $, and the presale price  is 0,75 $. The presale will close on February 15, 2018. The main crowdsale will be active throughout the month of March 2018.

To know more details about this project, you can also check the whitepaper.

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