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Aeternity Ventures provides support to startup teams with its second Starfleet


Aeternity Ventures was founded with an aim to improve the chances of success of projects utilizing public blockchain technology by providing technological, product, marketing, accounting and legal support. The platform has advisors and mentors who develop an extensive network of relevant contacts all across the globe.

It offers opportunities for start-ups to showcase their ideas and apply for investment through the platform’s Starfleet project, a program for seed stage start-ups using the Aeternity Blockchain in their products or services.

Starfleet Season 2 Now Open

The Starfleet project was launched last year and has so far invested in 8 startups which are now working on implementing their projects. According to an announcement on Medium by the Aeternity Blockchain, the applications for the second Starfleet are now open.

“The time has come for the new wave of exciting ideas, interesting projects, and motivated teams! We are extremely happy to announce that the applications for the second Starfleet are OPEN NOW.’’

The Aeternity blockchain foundation is persuading upcoming investors and anyone else with a good idea to turn their ideas into business and benefit from Aeternity Ventures support and mentorship, before 17th February 2019 –the application deadline date.

The Starfleet project was launched last year
First Starfleet Season

8 reasons to participate

  • The platform will empower and inspire you towards meeting your goals.
  • The platform will enable you to turn your idea into business.
  • The platform will turn you into a future blockchain entrepreneur and enable you to earn money to kick start your startup company. “In Starfleet batch 2019 five teams will be selected for an investment offer. Each team can receive up to $100 000 in forms of AE tokens or services.’’
  • The platform offers you a chance to learn everyday and hence, help you gain experience in the blockchain technology field.
  • At Starfleet, you get to lean from experts. During the Starfleet program, startups are guided and advised by industry experts in all relevant areas.
  • The platform will help you build new and important networks. You and your team will get to learn, practice and also get to know other teams.
  • From a community point of view, participating in Starfleet is a huge advantage for your company’s development.
  • You can decide to take part in Starfleet in person at Sofia, or you can decide to participate right from your office.
Alexis Von Loh
Alexis Von Loh
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