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Aeternity Blockchain Posted Job Offer for Developer Advocate


Aeternity Blockchain is looking for new developer advocates and posts a job offer even amid coronavirus pandemic. The developer advocate will be mainly responsible for attracting new developers to the æternity community.

“Even amid #covid19 pandemic #aeternity #blockchain is hiring. If you are a tech-savvy person but also good at communications, join the #AE family as a Developer Advocate. You will be producing content to attract, educate, and inspire #developers,” Aeternity tweeted.

Responsibility to Attract Developers

One of the significant challenges for any blockchain project is to attract as many developers as possible. Developers take part in the growth of any community. They make products and services on the blockchain, which results in more users for that.

Aeternity, founded in 2016, is always trying hard to grow the community using multiple conferences and events. Hiring new advocates to attract more developers, means they are widening their efforts to support more apps and services on their platform.


Developer Advocates in the Aeternity community have to produce various materials that attract and educate developers.

“The work may include blog posts, sample code, videos, webinars, conference presentations, documentation, real-time trainings, and more,” according to the job listing.

As it seems from the job listing, Aeternity is looking for a kind of a content producer that is also skillful in development tasks. The advocate has to produce documentation and earning staff for developers, so they get to know more about Aeternity platform.

Advocates also have to create demo apps and services to show the features and benefits of the platform.

Aeternity community published some qualifications for applicants interested in the developer advocate role. The applicants have to have five years of experience in development.

Other requirements include details about writing expertise, speaking in conferences, social media skills, etc. Additional information in developer advocate job listing for Aeternity includes remote working and independent contract employment type.

Aeternity blockchain focuses on decentralized P2P technology and smart contracts.

Solutions that deal with real-world data and use blockchain as the underlying technology are some of the major products developed in Aeternity blockchain. Developers who are interested in that technologies can try their chances by applying for the new job listing.

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