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Adhive: Videoinfluencers with the power of blockchain


One of the most popular sectors of blockchain technology in this boom of ICO’s, has been undoubtedly digital advertising and digital marketing. In this context, the Adhive platform has developed its technological proposal to place advertising in influencers channels in an automated way.

Adhive is defined as the first platform that completely automates the placement of ads with influencers. The main mission of Adhive.tv is to transform television advertising and develop a community of video bloggers who have more public than television and who can put advertising on their particular channels, with access to their followers assured. Its objective is to create an easy way to launch international mass advertising campaigns for different types of advertisers: brands, services in general, blockchain service and TGE campaigns. Bloggers with any number of viewers and subscribers from anywhere in the world can register on AdHive and create monetized media content. The members of the community of this platform will help to build an adequate environment to execute much more effective campaigns than those known by conventional ways.

AdHive offers a new standard for native advertising, transforms the business model of an influential marketing platform and seeks to allow rapid scalability in different markets.

The main advantage of Adhive.tv over the current system of multiple bloggers markets is that there is no waste of time looking for a peer-to-peer communication between advertisers and bloggers. With AdHive, advertisers do not need to choose a particular blogger and control the location: the platform will do everything for them. The platform will choose relevant bloggers, propose tasks and conditions, confirm acceptance of the terms, guarantee the appropriate placement and release the payment when the task is done, all thanks to the implementation of intelligent contracts. All these actions are performed automatically, saving advertisers time.

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The activity of the platform community is crucial. Members of the AdHive community are involved in giving and receiving feedback on the quality and attractiveness of the published videos. All the evaluation activity and comments will be shared between the platform and bloggers and will be used for a better education of bloggers and advertisers with the idea of improving their campaigns and getting better results.

AdHive will start from Youtube, Instagram channels, Facebook, Vkontakte and popular social networks, conferring connectivity through the necessary APIs to obtain all the information available about the audience channels.

The calculation of the payment amount to the blogger is based on the evaluation of the quality of community members and a mathematical prediction model CPM, which is used for that calculation. The advertiser credits his account with tokens, fiduciary currency or cryptocurrencies, sending the amount of the advertising campaign to the platform’s account as a refundable deposit. The blogger is rewarded when the work is completed.

AdHive Token (ADH)

ADH is the native token of the platform that gives participants the right to access multiple activities and services of the AdHive network. The ADH token has a critical role within the AdHive ecosystem.

The ADH tokens are based on the Ethereum platform in accordance with the ERC20 standard. There is a limited supply of ADH tokens and they can not be reproduced by anyone. AdHive has an association with Bancor. AdHive through the use of the Bancor protocol effectively eliminates the liquidity risk for holders of ADH tokens.

To know more details about this platform, you can join their Telegram channel or read the White paper.

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