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4 Types of Cryptocurrency to Invest In


Did you lament missing your chance to invest in crypto?

It’s time to get motivated because cryptocurrency is alive and well! Despite past uncertainty, crypto investing is still going strong.

Even better, there are even more digital investing options available. Yet, what are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now?

Don’t miss this starter guide to popular types of cryptocurrency.

  1. The First Types of Cryptocurrency

Every crypto-list isn’t complete without the star itself, bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the first term that comes to mind when someone thinks of crypto. Invented in 2009, Bitcoin emerged as a digital alternative during a significant economic recession.

However, it’s primarily associated with the following user benefits:

  • Transaction autonomy
  • Minimal service fees
  • Zero traditional banking fees
  • Semi-anonymous transactions
  • Fast mobile payments
  • More payment options
  • Peer-to-peer transactions

Since bitcoin has been around the longest, you’re going to find more related services, platforms, and tools.

For example, Byte Federal is a bitcoin ATM, allowing you to access your crypto from multiple locations. There are also several bitcoin investing platforms.

  1. Ethereum Cryptocurrency

Ethereum is the second-most popular cryptocurrency. It was introduced six years after bitcoin launched. Ethereum is derived from the Ether blockchain, but it’s also its own open-source blockchain platform.

Like other assets, you can generate interest on your Ethereum investment holdings. Plus, you can use it as currency, like bitcoin and cash.

Ethereum is often viewed as the most stable cryptocurrency of the bunch. Mark Cuban also acknowledged this trend in the fall of 2021.

While beginners naturally flock to bitcoin, Ethereum’s rising demand is yielding more resources for investors, like crypto platforms, mobile tools, and ATMs.

Where and as investing your money

  1. Tether Crypto Investing

Tether has the third-highest value in the crypto market. Alternatively to other cryptocurrencies, Tether is a crypto token distributed by Tether Limited, which Bitfinex controls.

Tether is also called a “stable coin,” which means it has a fixed worth of $1.00. Hence, the word “tether” means that this cryptocurrency is always tethered to the US dollar.

However, since it’s only worth $1.00, Tether isn’t a popular long-term investment. Yet, you can still make money through interest by saving your tether tokens on specific platforms.

  1. Cardano Currency

Cardano crypto launched two years after Ethereum’s debut. Plus, it also has its own public blockchain platform.

Both platforms also decentralized peer-to-peer transactions, removing the need for a bank, credit union, lender, or another intermediary figure. Instead of storing your Cardano in a bank, you need a crypto wallet or manage your cryptocurrency on a compatible platform.

Decentralized doesn’t mean Cardano and other crypto platforms operate like the wild wild west. Instead, crypto companies mitigate disasters with smart contracts. These contracts protect both parties during transactions while enabling autonomy.

Invest in the Future

Crypto is defying past expectations, becoming a top investing option. Start your own crypto investment journey with this introductory guide to the market’s best cryptocurrencies.

Crypto is hot news, so stay up-to-date on changing trends. The blog is also fresh with the latest tips, trends, and tricks for busy readers like you.

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